ROWRAH 2005 CLASSIC KART WEEKEND ROWRAH 2005 CLASSIC KART WEEKEND THE ROWRAH 2005 CLASSIC KARTING POSE 22460894 Jim Coulthard on Paul Fletchers 1968 Bitsatube 22584635 THE BITSATUBE 22460882 JACK ANGUS ON JIMS ZiP BRANDS / MONTESA 250 22460884 STEVE GREEVES FASTAKART/ VILLIERS 197 22460883 JOHN LAWS ON THE BITSATUBE 22460885 ROWRAH 2005 LINE-UP 22460886 MORRIS COATS WITH HIS MOTUS KART- VILLIERS 22460887 STUART CLENNEL ON HIS 1968 DALE PHANTOM / BLUTACO 200 22460888 STEVE GREEVES ON HIS FASTAKART 22460889 SHANNON GASSON ON HIS 1969 BLOW VICTOR / BULTACO 22460890 ALAN BUTTON TRYING ONE OUT FOR SIZE 22460892 SHANNON GASSON TINKERING WITH HIS STAR KART - YAMAH 250 TWIN 22460895 DEAVINSON SPRINT - KTM / 250 OF JOHN ESSA 22460896 STAVE GREEVES - FASTAKART 22460897 TONY KEELE ON HIS MATADOR - BULTACO 200 22460898 TONY HESKETH WANTS TO TAKE IT HOME 22460899 TONY KEELE STARTING THE MATADOR DOWN THE HILL 22460900 ZiP YAMAHA 2500 OF JOHN ESSA 22460901 TONY KEELE JUST HAVING FUN 22460902 ME THE DOUBLE OF MY DAD, YES THE ONE WITH THE CAP ON 22460903 Bob Renolds On His Blow Invader Bultaco 250 & LOVING IT Blow Invader / Bultaco 22582995 ROWRAH CLASSIC KART WEEKEND 2005 WAS THE PERFECT SETTING 22582996 This is Rowrah kart track as it is today 22582997 Tony Keele with his 200 Bultaco NOT RACING JUST A GOOD TIME 22582998 After a hard day of classic karting, dinner 22583001 Bob Renolds on Shannon Gasson's Star Yamaha 22583003 Dave Leslie - the original Dave Leslie - the original "Flying Scotsman" trying Steve Greaves' Fastakart and attended both saturday & sunday. How keen is that ! 22583004 John Essers. 22583005 Tony Hesketh on the Blow Invader of Bob Reynolds Tony Hesketh and his young son spent all day Saturday talking to classic karters about the old days, the Star Kart and his father, the late Kelvin Hesketh. Had an inkling he could fancy joining the vintage karters and getting back behind the wheel ! 22583006 Tony Keele - John Esser - Rob Logan is on Shannon Gassons kart & Steave Greaves getting it together around paddock bend 22583007 Judging of the kart show on Saturday & JUST RELAXING 22583008 John Essa - Zip Shadow / 250 Yamaha 22583009 Stuart Clennell on his 1968 Dale Phantom / Bultaco 200 22583321