MEMBERS CLASSIC KARTS 1971-1982 MEMBERS CLASSIC KARTS 1971-1982 Andy Donoghues Black Beauty, Beautifully Restored 1977 Barlotti / Villiers 25487445 John Essas Beautifully restored SPRINT / KTM 250 at Rowrah 2005 Weekend 25664023 John Laws Very Smart BLOW GNAT. D/B - KOMET K77 26137830 PANTHER KART Made by Simon Murphy & Peter Bate 27889857 Peter Bate on the left of the Panther & Simon Murphy 0n the right both aged 22 27889885 Barlotti Class 1 1972-3 Andy Young's first time out at Strubby April 2010 80127216 barlotti td3 restoration 159353119 1987 DAP GREYHOUND This is a 'barn find', my Mum and Dads next door neighbours bought this from another neighbour still boxed. His son couldn't get on with it and it has only run for 30 minutes since new. Got a carb kit coming and some softer tyres and should be out at RED LODGE at the end of the month. 167502561 My 1974 ZIP Mirage Komet K77 This unfortunately this 40 special needs a bit of work, unlike the sons DAP. The only bit that I can tell is missing is the front overide bar. 167502562 Komet K77 167502563 My 1974 ZIP Mirage fibreglass tank 167502564 My 1974 ZIP Mirage Komet K77 Are copies of those Goodyears Blue Streaks (I think) available or are we stuck with a modern looking alternative. 167502565 1974 ZIP Mirage Brake Caliper For some reason the disc looks too small a dia. It doesn't fill the pad area and suspect it's been turned down post damage. 167502566 My 1974 ZIP Mirage Komet K77 167502567 1987 DAP GREYHOUND 167502568 1987 DAP GREYHOUND 167502569 1987 DAP GREYHOUND It's an AIME engine but which one! 200hrs of internet searching and I'm none the wiser. Help please. 167502570 1987 DAP GREYHOUND 167502571 1987 DAP GREYHOUND 167502572 1987 DAP GREYHOUND 167502573 1987 DAP GREYHOUND Home made airbox to go although I don't like the idea of running open mouthed. 167502574 1987 DAP GREYHOUND 167502575 BARLOTTI 79B / VILLIERS 210 RESTORED by JIM COULTHARD IN 1985 IN NICKEL PLATE 174405328 BARLOTTI 79B / VILLIERS 210 RESTORED by JIM COULTHARD IN 1985 IN NICKEL PLATE 174405329 ready to go 190350453 190350454 test driver went wrong somewhere 190539714