Posted on September 30, 2015 at 4:20 AM




I would just like to have one last say on what I want to happen on Saturday at Felton.  The owner of the track has rung me and is concerned about the number of karts that coming on Saturday for the test day. Here are the rules for the weekend - the named driver can only bring 1 kart, not 2.  OUR SECOND KART WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK. Before you set off on Saturday please go to the toilet as there are no toilets.  If you need to go you will have to find a Pub in Felton village. Pushers - can you bring a pair of gloves as the ground is very hard and sore when you go down on it . Also there will be no blasting cars up the straights as this could end up with a BAN, and if you see any karting bits on the ground, once you have picked it up put it in your boot or at the side of the pits fence, do not dispose of it by extending your arm with it. There will be NO starting karts in the pits as I know what you are like BROOM BROOM BROOM BROOM FLIPPING BROOM. This is a Noise test day not a set up day for other events.


The track will not have any tyres marking the track lay out, so please take your time finding out where the corners are, and when you do learn the track put your brakes on a bit earlier than you would normally so as not to over shoot the straights as we will be at one end of them and a BARN at the other end. If I think you are overdoing it at the end of the straights I will be giving you a warning then the RED CARD. What I am trying to say is: don't get carried away, SO I WILL BE WATCHING YOU ALL.

Regards Jim





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